Why We Love Youngevity

So many Network Marketing companies have one goal: Make money mostly for the top distributors.  So many Network Marketing companies are cult-like hierarchies of exclusivity.



Youngevity’s foundation is a simple message from its founder Dr. Joel Wallach, a health and wellness pioneer: 

“The Human Body Needs 90 Essential Nutrients To Survive And Thrive”

It’s not a wonder product, service or gimmick, but an obvious scientifically verified fact. In an age of highly processed industrialized food, this simple message changes lives. 

You don’t need Youngevity products to benefit from understanding the message, but the products are best in class, formulated and improved for decades to optimize results.

At Youngevity, it is not just the compensation plan, but the culture which lifts all boats. Sure there is some competitiveness between different lines, but crossline distributors frequently advise, support and uplift each other. When your goal is helping people, your competition becomes part of your extended family. 

At conventions, I’ve seen the CEO Steve Wallach stop and give the same time and appreciation to a new distributor as he does to distributors who have been there from the start. 

These are good people working to leave the world a better place and I am proud to stand with them. 

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