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Why We Love Youngevity

So many Network Marketing companies have one goal: Make money mostly for the top distributors.  So many Network Marketing companies are cult-like hierarchies of exclusivity.

A Meaningful Message

Youngevity’s foundation is a simple message from its founder Dr. Joel Wallach, a health and wellness pioneer: 

“The Human Body Needs 90 Essential Nutrients To Survive And Thrive”

It’s not a wonder product, service or gimmick, but an obvious scientifically verified fact. In an age of highly processed industrialized food, this simple message changes lives. 

You don’t need Youngevity products to benefit from understanding the message, but the products are best in class, formulated and improved for decades to optimize results.

At Youngevity, it is not just the compensation plan, but the culture which lifts all boats. Sure there is some competitiveness between different lines, but crossline distributors frequently advise, support and uplift each other. When your goal is helping people, your competition becomes part of your extended family. 

At conventions, I’ve seen the CEO Steve Wallach stop and give the same time and appreciation to a new distributor as he does to distributors who have been there from the start. 

These are good people working to leave the world a better place and I am proud to stand with them. 

Our Youngevity Team

We work with dozens of Youngevity distributors and often there are teams within teams working together on specific projects. Here’s a few of the folks who deserve special mention.

Michael Zwerling: MZ, as he is often called, is about as unique and dynamic a character as you will find anywhere. He excels at creating partnerships and bringing different people together. Without MZ, I don’t think any of us would have ever met.

Dr. Joel Wallach: Doc is passionately committed to helping people heal. He is an accomplished researcher, author and holistic health practitioner. His work ethic speaks volumes. Now in his 80’s, he starts his day early and often works into the wee hours of the night. There are few people on earth who have made such a positive difference in so many peoples lives.

George Noory: Honing broadcast professionalism to a high art, George has diligently cultivated an audience both skeptical and open minded, willing to ask big questions and intelligent enough to seek good evidence. Our partnership with Geroge Noory’s Coast2Coast AM has brought tangible healing to tens of thousands of George’s audience members.

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs: Pharmacist Ben is a passionate life learner and extraordinary intellect, who loves nothing more than to do good for others. His appearances on Coast2Coast are the tip of the iceberg of unique and entertaining content Ben creates. He has written hundreds of articles and recorded hundreds of short videos and radio spots. Ben is a wellspring of knowledge and incite you won’t get anywhere else. Plus, he’s a hell of a nice guy.

Rebecca Dukes : Rebecca is highly committed to working personally with those in need to transform their health. It’s no surprise she would be, as she has seen her own health radically transform on Dr. Wallach’s protocols. Rebecca’s inspiring story has seen her go from a life of constant pain, to a life of joyous surprises. Loosing 90 pounds didn’t hurt either. I give thanks every day for Rebecca’s diligence training new distributors and making sure all the emails get answered.

I’d be remiss if I did not mention Ted Anderson of GCN Networks, whose business development skills and broadcast connections have made all the difference on many occasions, as well as Rich Clark, Naseema Omar, Ruthellen Sanchez, Dave Michaels, Gary Miller, Ryan Boyd, Michael Gardner and many many many others. It is truly an honor to work with such an extraordinary group of individuals.

This journey starts with personal relationships. Send us an email and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you. From there we will lay out the steps you need to take to get started, introduce you to other members of our team and invite you to our regular meetings.


If you are only interested in Youngevity products, start with a free consultation from a certified health coach by emailing your weight, height, age and health goals/concerns to the following address.