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Get Creative, But Not Too Creative​

Find a domain name that describes your venture and is memorable. Find something that you can tell someone over the phone, without having to spell it out. A domain name like is going to cause a lot of confusion, because hyphens are not a natural part of language and the number 4 sounds exactly the same as “four” when you say it over the phone.

Start With .com

If you are any sort of business or venture, choose a domain name that is a .com. If someone else has the .com, don’t think that you can make do with a .net or .biz. Non-profits and certain community groups can make do with .org.

Simple, Fast, Secure

Always ensure that you have full ownership of a domain you purchase. Domains function as a brand, your brand. With our domain services, that brand belongs to you. You can do with it as you please and transfer it elsewhere if you like.

Industry Standard Rates

Domain names aren’t rocket science. They cost about $10 a year for .com’s & .net’s. If you see them offered for much less, be suspicious. Someone offers them for more, say away.